Interior Detailing

One of the more challenging aspects of reconditioning any vehicle is interior detailing. It is highly time consuming, yet highly rewarding when the results are in! 

Your vehicle will look like new after we’re done with it!

Our Interior Detail Service Includes:


Cleaning ALL interior surfaces, including:

floor mats
plastic trim
door jambs

Apply UV protectant, leather conditioner to all surfaces

Food, dirt and crud

This minivan was quite dirty and it required us to remove the seats in order to get to some of the worst parts.

Heavily soiled interiors like this run higher than the standard interior detail prices.

Food and stains


The seats on the left came from the same minivan. One has been cleaned, whilst the other has not. (Hint: right one is clean.)

Stain Removal

Heavy stains like this cost extra to remove.

This Tundra had old coffee stains which are difficult to remove. In this case we had to remove the seat to get to it.

Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair removal is an option that requires visual inspection in order to provide an estimate.

This Tacoma had severe dog hair and it took 2 hours to remove it all. The owner gave us a 5 star review on Google!

A few pics of Ken doing an interior detail

Ken’s using a Toranador to clean the headliner and side walls of this Expedition. A Toranador is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which very finely atomizes soap, water and air and dispenses it under high pressure. It removes dirt and grime quickly and gets into all of the vehicle’s cracks and crevices.

After using the Toranador to apply cleaning solutions, Ken uses a drill brush to agitate the surface. This ensures that not only the surface dirt is gone, but the next layer underneath it as well.

On the dash and console, a microfiber towel is used to wipe off dirt that the Toranador loosened up.

The Toranador and drill brush are more effective at cleaning carpets than the typical “shampoo” method. The carpet padding never gets wet, for instance, thereby eliminating the stink of a wet carpet and pad.

Some hard to get at spots require the use of a special detailing brush in order to remove dirt and grime.

The same goes for carpeted floor mats – they do not get soaked with water and cleaning solution. The Toranador and drill brush get them 100% clean! At the end of the day, the Toranador and drill brush get superior results with less water.

The owner was thrilled to see how clean the interior of her Expedition was! After 3+ hours of hard work, it was as clean as it was when it rolled off the assembly line!

Interior Detailing Prices

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