Headlight Restoration

Faded and dull headlights not only look bad; they’re a safety issue.

When light lenses are compromised, your night vision is compromised too. This places you and your loved ones in jeopardy.


The good news?

With Detail Sarge’s headlight restoration service, your headlight lenses will be restored back to their original, crystal-clear condition, backed by a 3-year warranty.

Why wait? See better today!

Headlight Restoration Service

OEM Grade Product

When a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, its headlights have a UV-cured hard coat on them.

Gclear, the coating we use, is based on this OE formula, giving our customers the same quality coating they could expect from a brand new car.

We cure the coating with a UV curing lamp ensuring it will last for years.

Gclear is a UV-cured hard coat that bonds directly to the polycarbonate. It is cured to the headlight using a UV curing lamp, which is why we can offer a three year warranty.

Gclear is not available at retail stores, but is only available from certified GlasWeld installer like Detail Sarge. 

Simple and Quick

These are actual customer headlights that underwent our headlight restoration service.


$79 most cars

$99 most pickups

$129 most motorhomes

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