Exterior Detailing

Here's What's Included in Our Exterior Detailing Service

Power hand wash

Decontamination (remove road metals and brake dust from the wheels and clear coat)

Clay mitt (remove microscopic dirt from the clear coat)

Detail Sarge’s proprietary blend of hybrid ceramic spray wax and hybrid ceramic sealant (Typically lasts 6 months or longer.)

Clean glass

Clean wheels and tires

Apply protectant to tires

Hand Wash

Our exterior detail service includes the two-bucket power wash. You can learn more about this method in our videos page.

This method is the preferred exterior wash by professional detailers as it cleans the best and minimizes scratches to the clear coat.


Decontamination follows the initial wash. The purpose is to rid the clear coat from embedded, microscopic particles of brake dust and other metals accumulated from the highway.

The purple you see in these pictures is proof that the decontamination process is working.

Clay Mitt

Like decontamination, the clay mitt and bar process removes deeply embedded grime from the clear coat. It produces a smooth exterior surface and makes your vehicle shine!

Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax and Sealant

Our exterior detail service includes Detail Sarge’s proprietary blend of hybrid ceramic spray wax and a hybrid ceramic sealant that will make your vehicle shine and protect it from the elements.

Exterior Trim

Little details like exterior trim, can make the best detail job look amateurish. That’s why we pay so much attention to this step.

Exterior Glass

Exterior glass will be cleaned with our no-streak method. You will see the road more clearly with streak-free glass!

Option - Wheels-Off Cleaning

Wheels-off cleaning is an optional service. By removing the wheels we are able to do a more thorough job of not only cleaning the wheel, but the wheel well, brakes and calipers.

Option - Engine Bay Detail

Like the wheels, your vehicle’s engine bay is not only dirty, but greasy as well.

The payoff for engine bay detailing. while not immediately apparent, comes the next time you work under the hood!

Pictures don’t do this engine bay justice. It was covered in dirt, dust and grease as well as organic debris from trees (see left pic).

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