Ceramic Coating

A professional grade ceramic coating will not only make your vehicle shine like never before, it comes with a warranty from 3 years to a lifetime.

Detail Sarge is a Certified Installer for

Detail Sarge has passed the rigorous requirements of the two best ceramic coatings in the industry. This means your vehicle will not only look amazing, but the coating will be warrantied and reported to CARFAX, so that in the event you are in an accident, your coating can be replaced if covered under your insurance policy.

It also means that when you go to sell your vehicle, prospective buyers will see a ceramic coating on your Carfax report, which increases your vehicle’s value.

What is a ceramic coating?

In a nutshell, a ceramic coating is a semi-permanent paint protectant best imagined as “liquid glass.” The coating forms a molecular bond with the clear coat thereby protecting it from UV rays, most scratches, finger prints, as well as providing a degree of gloss that exceeds carnauba paste wax. Best of all, it lasts for a long, long time.

Typical paste waxes last for about 3-4 months at best. A professional grade ceramic coating will last anywhere from 3 years to the lifetime of the vehicle.  Imagine not having to wax your vehicle ever again! Well, you don’t have to imagine it because a professional grade ceramic coating makes that image a reality!

There are many ceramic coatings on the market today and while they contain the same basic ingredients of Silica Oxide and Titanium Oxide, how they are formulated differs widely. You can purchase DIY (do it yourself) ceramic coatings on Amazon or at an auto parts store, but only certified installers can purchase professional grade ceramic coatings. 

There are many benefits to having your vehicle coated by a certified installer.

  1. Training – a certified installer has undergone training by the coating manufacturer.
  2. Expertise– a professional installs ceramic coatings for a living, whilst the average DIY’r will only install a coating once.
  3. Warranty – a ceramic coating installed by a certified installer comes with a warranty.
  4. CARFAX – a professional certified installer reports the ceramic coating to CARFAX. This helps in the event of an accident as well as increases the value of your vehicle.
  5. Appearance – installing a ceramic coating is not as easy as the YouTube videos make it out to be. There are common mistakes made by the untrained installer, which affect the appearance of the vehicle. Correcting installation defects requires a professional to remove the coating with a two step paint correction using a DA rotary polisher. This is costly.

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