Who is Detail Sarge?

Ken Chance, Owner
Detail Sarge Services, LLC

Ken worked at a full service car wash when he was only 15 years old. At every opportunity he sneaked over to the “detailing” (it wasn’t called “detailing” back then) area where the manager, Leroy, waxed and polished cars with a 10″ rotary buffer. Ken pestered Leroy to teach him how to make cars shine like new, so, being a kind and gentle giant of a man, Leroy agreed and the apprenticeship began. In addition, Leroy drove a gray 1962 Buick Electra that always looked brand new and that image stuck with Ken, who made it a habit to keep his vehicles looking clean and shiny. That was in 1969 and the lessons Ken learned from Leroy paid off.

Ken retired from the corporate world in 2019 and decided that the retirement lifestyle wasn’t for him. He often heard motivational speakers say : “do what you like and the money will follow…” The problem was, he didn’t want to do just any ole thing – he wanted to do something he was good at and enjoyed doing. Then the proverbial light bulb went off! “DETAILING!” and, “ding!”, just like that, he realized that he was both really good at it, and, got a lot of satisfaction doing it.

Fast forward to today and Ken has been detailing his own cars, motorcycles and RV’s with the same work ethic his mentor instilled in him.

Ken’s expertise from over 50 years of keeping his vehicles looking new is now put to work for you. His ability to turn an older vehicle into an “Inspection Ready” condition is truly remarkable, and he gives all the credit to Leroy.

Whether your vehicle is older and needs rejuvenation or brand new and needs a ceramic coating, Ken will give it his full attention and care. You will be amazed at what the “Detail Sarge” can do for you!

Ken Chance, Detail Sarge Owner

“Raney” is a purebred German Shepherd whose lineage goes back to Germany. Raised as a Border Patrol K-9, she was not aggressive enough to make the cut. Their loss is Ken’s gain!

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